Men vests

NEV Multifunctional Windproof Vest


Original designer: A stylish and beautiful top that is highly tolerant of all body types. It gives people a slender feeling, the loose and sagging feeling shows a graceful figure,...

NEV Patchwork Functional Detachable Vest


Original designer:The  patchwork functional detachable vest has many functions.It can be disassembled not only as a short vest, but also as a messenger bag.It uses buttons and straps design,which makes the vest...

NEV "Tactical Camouflage" Vest


Original designer:Front and back adopt a molle design can easily carry other small devices.The shoulder and waist side part adopt tape and buckle design which enables you to wear and...

NEV Washed Applique Embroidery Vest


Material: Polyester. Clothing details: Applique Embroidery. MODEL INFO Female 5'3 (160cm) 103 lbs (47kg) Size: S (Oversize Style) Male 5'7 (175cm) 132 lbs (60kg) Size: L (Oversize Style) SIZE GUIDE

NEV Tactical Multi-pocket Hooded Vest


Original designer: The design style of this hooded vest is very obvious but many details are hidden, and the multi-pocket design makes this garment more three-dimensional. Material: Cotton polyester. Clothing details:...

NEV Skeleton Denim Vest


Join our new adventure "Above the Clouds - Mysterious Seduction", an experience that showcases unique style and high-end taste. Each piece of clothing demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship and unique design concepts....

NEV Washed Fringe Hooded Denim Vest


  Designer: This versatile vest combines the timeless appeal of denim with the edgy charm of fringe detailing. The washed finish adds a vintage touch, while the hood provides an extra...

NEV Deconstruct Hidden Buckle Vest


Material: Polyester(100%). Clothing details: Deconstruct. SIZE GUIDE 

NEV Deconstruct Big Pocket Vest


Material: Polyester(100%). Clothing details: Deconstruct. SIZE GUIDE 

NEV Deconstruct Cut-Out Vest


Material: Cotton(95%), Polyester(5%). Clothing details: Deconstruct. SIZE GUIDE 

NEV Functional Hooded Vest


Material: Polyester(100%). Clothing details: 3D Pocket.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Multi Zip Up Vest


Material: Polyester(100%). Clothing details: Irregular Zip Up.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Dip-Dye Star Vest


Material: Cotton(100%). Clothing details: Star.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Chain Print Raw Edges Vest


Material: Cotton(100%). Clothing details: Chain.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Fishnet Fabric Vest


Material: Cotton(100%). Clothing details: Fishnet Fabric.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Cut-Out Distressed Vest


Material: Polyester(100%). Clothing details: Distressed.SIZE GUIDE

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