Week 3 Of February

NEV Cartoon Line Character Print Tee


Make a statement with our playful half-sleeved shirts featuring your favorite cartoon characters!  Our high-quality shirts are made from soft, comfortable fabrics that feel great against your skin. Shop now...

NEV Metal Buckle Detachable Skirt Jeans


Original designer:Design introduction: This product is composed of two parts, one part is a short skirt and the other part is a detachable leg cover. There are also many buckles...

NEV Washed Paperclip Ripped Holes Tee


Get ready to turn heads with our latest collection of half-sleeved tees featuring an edgy hole design.The chic hole design adds an element of sophistication to any outfit, making it...

NEV Patchwork Raw Edge Denim Jacket


Original designer:The stylish design, with  patchwork raw edge denim,enriches the overall vision while being practical and beautiful. There are two patterns on the chest and the strap design ,which make more fashionable....

NEV Washed Flame Printed Tee


Original designer: We are committed to making clothes that are comfortable and meaningful, and the pure cotton material will keep you comfortable in the hot summer, while ventilating and cooling. The...

NEV Lace Up Hollow PU Leather Vest


Original designer:Made of lace up hollow PU leather ,this close-fitting women's top is sexy and distinctive.Ribbon at chest for adjustable fit.It is suitable for all kinds of evening parties, dance banquets and other...

NEV Letter Embroidery Short PU Jacket


Original designer: A stylish and beautiful top that is highly tolerant of all body types. It's made of PU ,which is windproof and durable. Letter embroiderymakes clothes more cool and fashion. Material: PU(55%) viscose (45%)....

NEV High Waist Velvet Slit Long Skirt


Original designer:The  long skirt is velvet for a more draped feel. It has a high-rise slit for a slimmer and taller look.The buckle and belt design make the skirt more...

NEV Tideeku Mesh Butterfly Patch Tee


Embrace your gentle side with our stunning half-sleeved shirts featuring butterfly prints! The butterfly prints are eye-catching and beautiful, making these shirts stand out in any crowd. They are versatile...

NEV Solid Color Curved Hem Sweatshirt


Material: Cotton. Clothing details: Curved Hem.MODEL INFOFemale 5'4 (162cm) 110 lbs (50kg) Size: S  Male 5'10 (178cm) 150 lbs (68kg) Size: L SIZE GUIDE

NEV Multi Pockets Big Pocket Hooded Jacket


Material: Cotton Polyester. Clothing details: Multi Pockets,big pocket.MODEL INFOFemale 5'3 (160cm) 103 lbs (47kg) Size: SMale 5'7 (175cm) 132 lbs (60kg) Size: L SIZE GUIDE

NEV Devil Horn Short Long Sleeve T Shirt


Original designer:This short long sleeve T shirt is made of polyester,which  is durable and does not lose shape .With special design of its devil hat,zippers and  the chest accessories make the clothes...

NEV Reflective Line Racing Jacket


Material: Nylon(95%) spandex(5%).Clothing details: Reflective Line.MODEL INFOFemale 5'3 (160cm) 103 lbs (47kg) Size: SMale 5'7 (175cm) 132 lbs (60kg) Size: L SIZE GUIDE

NEV Irregular Slit High Waist Length Skirt


Original designer: The irregualr high waist length skirt can show your leg lines and your beauty.It is made of two parts, and the waist is hollowed out to show your slender...

NEV Solid Color High Collar Hoodie


Material: Cotton.Clothing details: High Collar.MODEL INFOFemale 5'3 (160cm) 103 lbs (47kg) Size: SMale 5'7 (175cm) 132 lbs (60kg) Size: L SIZE GUIDE

NEV Solid Color Tacticall Jacket


Material: Cotton Polyester. Clothing details: Solid Color Tacticall.MODEL INFOFemale 5'3 (160cm) 103 lbs (47kg) Size: SMale 5'7 (175cm) 132 lbs (60kg) Size: L SIZE GUIDE

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