Neu in pullover

NEV Ripped Zip Sweater


Material: Cotton(100%). Clothing details: Zip.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Handcrafted Spray Painting Sweater


Distressed Edges with Handcrafted Spray Paint Detailing. The neckline features the signature Handcrafted Spray Painting technique, creating a unique and visually striking design. The white paint contrasts sharply with the...

NEV Fake Two Ripped Hole Sweater


Prepare to make a bold statement with our Fake Two Ripped Hole Sweater – where edge meets style! With strategically placed distressed edges and gothic lettering on the chest, this...

NEV Distressed Hole Ribbed Sweater


Material: Acrylic(100%). Clothing details: Distressed.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Cross Pattern Jacquard Strap Sweater


Material: Rabbit fur(10%),Cotton(90%). Clothing details: Cross Pattern.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Deconstruct Multiple Zippers Star Sweater


Material: Polyester(100%).Clothing details: Star.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Star Contrasting Colors Sweater


Material: Acrylic(100%).Clothing details: Star.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Washed Tassel Sweater


Material: Acrylic(100%).Clothing details:Tassel. SIZE GUIDE

NEV Textured jacquard pile Sweater


Material: Polyester(100%). Clothing details: jacquard.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Color Blocking Distressed Sweater


Material: Polyester(100%).Clothing details: Color blocking.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Distressed Holes Contrasting Colors Sweater


Material:Acrylic(42%) ,Nylon(28%) ,PBT(30%).Clothing details: Distressed holes.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Color Blocking Embroidery Sweater


Material: Polyester(100%).Clothing details: Embroidery.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Spider Pattern Sweater


Note: This style is hot selling, The estimated shipping time is Feb,29,2024 Material: Nylon(100%). Clothing details: Spider Pattern. SIZE GUIDE

NEV Striped Material Splicing Zip Cardigan Sweater


Material: Acrylic (100%). Clothing details: Material Splicing.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Patchwork Distressed Sweater


Material: Cotton(100%). Clothing details: Patchwork.SIZE GUIDE

NEV Spider Flocked Jacquard Sweater


Elevate your style with the NEV Spider Flocked Jacquard Sweater, crafted from 100% Acrylic. Featuring a striking spider jacquard pattern with a heart at the center, this sweater is a...

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